Lesson 1 - Creating the First Paradigm and Model


In this first lesson, you will configure GME to allow the drawing of basic diagrams for a specific application domain. Later lessons will show you how to extend the project with more advanced features.

The application domain throughout this tutorial is that of networking systems: routers, networked computers, and other devices, as well as the connections between these devices. Your application domain is probably quite different from this one, but looking at a specific domain as an example is probably the best way to help you identify the main steps of modeling and learn the techniques of customizing GME. There are some sections that describe the details of networking, and serve as "theoretical backgrounds" for accomplishing a certain task in GME in a particular way. Those sections appear in red italics. If you are not familiar with networking, you may find them irrelevant or hard to understand. Feel free to skim or even skip them, and focus on the rest of the tutorial, which deals with the more practical aspects of GME.

This tutorial provides enough information to give the average user a well-developed understanding of GME, without having to rely on extra documentation. Of course, to gain a deeper understanding of GME and to learn all of its features, you will need to consult the GME Users Manual as well.